An Experience,
a challenge

We were originally founded in the 1990s by Dr. Daniela Curti; the current organization dates back to 2021. Ready for new challenges!

like an Impressionistic paint

The impressionist art is characterized by a particular use of light and color, showing the essence and beauty of nature. Confocal microscope images, using light and color, can show surprising details of the invisible world to the naked eye. We believe that neurons and their interactions with glial cells are fascinating structures to observe.



"E pluribus unum"

We are a young and well-motivated group, but above all, we are a tightly-knit group. Each of us brings his/her own experience, abilities, and unique qualities that we combine to create our strength.

enjoy working with us

No training position available now an exception for these

Training application will be possible again starting from May 2024



preclinical biorepository

Sharing resources to fuel new knowledge and collaborations.